Why We Work On The Edge

We orchestrate deep-learning engines at the edge. 


OK, that was a mouthful. Actually we ship you sensors and a little box.  That box runs apps for your business, just like your phone runs apps for you.  You pick apps from our menu, and go run your business. We'll ensure the app gets deployed, and gives you the insights you need.

What we build

Our mission is to democratize business intelligence. Online businesses have lots of data and tools to crunch said data.


Our apps are built to bring that same visibility into brick-and-mortar business. Typically, that involves observing people and things. We cover a lot of cases. Check out our sector-specific pages


What apps?

"My uplink bandwidth is awesome", said nobody, ever. Except folks in ads for carriers and cable cos, but they get paid for it

Our box keeps your data close to your business, and just tells you what you need to know. It's harder to do with all these wheels churning everywhere, but that's why you have us. We've got your back, Jack.


Can't I just do all of this online?