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Frequently asked questions

Who manages access control of my smarthome devices?

Dekkio handles all the access control of your smart home devices. We are trusted by several multinational corporations for IOT data access and the platform deployed in your home has the same level of security.

Does my property manager have user access to my smarthome devices?

No. Your property manager doesn't have user access to smarthome devices. For example, your property manager cannot answer a video doorbell call for you and cannot change your temperature settings. However, your property manager will have access to statistical data.

Can my neighbor(s) access any data from my smarthome devices?

No, your data is secure and confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the tenants that are on the lease for that unit.

Can I access archived data for my unit?

You can access archived vidoes and any other data related to your smart home at any time during your tenancy.

What happens at move out?

When you move out, your access to smart home devices is terminated. Next tenant who moves in will have entirely new account and get fresh access.