Helping Property Managers deliver smart homes to tenants

Tenants want convenience and privacy -- it is their home

Owners & managers want to maintain their properties -- it is their business

With dekkio edge AI, tenants get smart homes and property managers get smart analytics

Helping Property Managers deliver smart homes to tenants

Built By Property Managers, For Property Mangers

We built dekkio for rental management because we manage properties ourselves, and could not find the kind of valuable data we use to manage technology projects in our day jobs in tech. Our edge computing platform acts as an on-site property manager for each home, by constantly identifying potential maintenance problems, and by making it easy to show and lease vacant properties.

Smart Home Tech, Optimized For Rentals

Fragmented as the smart home market is, it is also geared towards home owners. Tenants in apartment complexes have slightly different needs, from annoying motion detection alerts from passers-by, to restrictions on what they can install. Our edge compute engines  are optimized for large-scale installs in multi-unit buildings, and deliver only the content relevant to each tenant.