Typical Installation Walkthrough

Make sure Hub is within 1000 ft of router. For large houses where this is a limitation, we will include a wifi extendeder in the package.

Connect (Plug in) hub to the router (5 min)

This installation is similar to any thermostat installation.

Install Smart Thermostat (15 min)

Place the sensors where it is important to monitor water leaks and/or temperature for freeze detection

Place water leak detection sensors 

This involves removing current wired doorbell and connecting new video doorbell. Follow manufactures instruction in the package

Install Video Doorbell (30 min)

We use hardwired smoke alarm with a battery backup. Has same footprint as most existing smoke alarms

Replace smoke alarm(15 min)

We send detailed instructions to tenants before few days before installation of doorbell. This step can be handled by dekkio support team if tenant has issues with access.

Optional step: Check if tenant has access to doorbell video