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Frequently asked questions

What is included in a dekkio smarthome package?

Your dekkio smarthome is customizable. A typical package includes a video doorbell, smart thermostat, smart fire alarm, water leak sensors and our edge compute server that turns sensor data into insights.

What are the insights that I can get?

  1. Property occupancy and use statistics.
  2. Custom alerts requested by the property manager (ex: detect the presence of a cop car).
  3. HVAC maintanance alerts (Filter change alert, low performance alert etc.,)
  4. Freeze detection alerts.
  5. Water leak alerts.
  6. Alert when the fire alarm goes off.
  7. Alert when high indoor temperature and high humidity are present (mold conditions)

Can dekkio help me keep track of maintaince staff?

Yes! Our searchable video database helps document and keep track of maintaince calls that were attended to.

What is the cost of smart home package?

Our smart home package is designed to maximize your ROI. Your intial cost can be as low as $300 depending on the options chosen. A single monthly fee covers tenant access control, property manager analytics and technical support.

Do I need professional installation?

No, our package is designed for self installation by maintaiance staff. Total installation time per unit is less than 1 hour. We provide detailed video instructions for installation.

What is the typical rent premium that I can expect ?

Our customers are able to charge between $25-$50 extra for dekk-ed up smart home

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