Next wave of property management automation is here.

  • Plug and play hardware programmed to work for you.

  • Real time instantaneous alerts for safety and maintenance issues like fire, water leaks and freeze detection.

  • Notification system that lets you get alerts on specific events like cop car detection.

  • Analytics dashboard that analyze long term data to alert you of events such as property occupancy and use, HVAC system health and slow water leaks.

How Does it work?

We ship you a package of pre-programmed sensors and a hub that connects and communicates with these sensors. Typical configuration of sensor package includes video doorbell, smart thermostat, smart fire alarm and water leak detectors. All hardware is labeled by unit number that you provide with order.


Power up the hub and connect to the router using supplied Ethernet cable. Install door bell, thermostat and other sensors. This installation is similar in complexity to any wired doorbell or thermostat installation and the installation is expected to be handled by apartment maintenance staff. We train your staff on request for large installations.


Your system is now working and sending data to property manager's dashboard. No other configuration is needed. Our sensors are either hardwired or have battery life of at least 1 year. We inform you when it is time to change any batteries.


Tenant receives an email with detailed instruction to setup their account to access video doorbell and other sensors. Tenants also get a text message of items that need immediate attention, freeze, flood or fire.


We handle all the support calls from your tenants about their smart home system.