Welcome to your Smart Apartment powered by Dekkio

If your apartment is equipped with dekkio smart home package,here are the steps to begin enjoying your smart home:.

Provide primary email address for communication to your property manager. This is typically the address you use to login to your property management portal to pay rents and submit maintenance issues.

Frequently asked questions

Who controls the access of my smarthome devices? Is the data secure?

Dekkio handles all the access control of your smart home devices. We are trusted by several multinational corporation for IOT data access and the platform deployed in your home has same level of security.

Does my property manager have access to the video doorbell and other devices?

No. Your property manager doesn't have live access to your devices. For example, your property manager cannot answer a video doorbell call for you and cannot change your temperature settings. However, your property manager will be able to search throgh archived videos for crime prevention and invetigating any incidents reported by the tentants.

Can my neighbor(s) access my doorbell videos?

No, your data is strictly confidentail and will not be shared with anyone outside of the tenants on the lease for that unit.

Can I access archived vidoes and historic data for my unit?

You can access acrchived vidoes and any other data related to your smart home any time during your tenancy.

What happens to my data if I move out?

All the vidoes and data are deleted from our system at the end of your tenancy.